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 Orgot2000 Moderater/Admin Application

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PostSubject: Orgot2000 Moderater/Admin Application   Fri May 10, 2013 2:06 pm

Hi I am Orgot2000,

I unfortunately do not have a Skype but I have kik and can receive texts, please contact me in-game for those if you require them.

I am 13 years old on the "A" Honors roll for Vedder Middle School, and I am in Grade.7

I am Pacific time because I am in Chilliwack B.C/Canada

I have applied for other games such as Grepolis, And Tribal Wars but didn't get it because there were more qualified people who had applied.

I am Mature when it comes to chat and I prefer to respect other players, if someone is harassing me I usually just close chat and if I am being camped occasionally I type in all caps such as "DUDE YOUR CAMPING!! AGAINST TH E RULES!".

If someone is breaking the rules they would receive 3 warnings, if the player is "hacking" I will watch and decide but however I would give them warnings then kick them or ban them for maybe a day. hackers I would ban for good, but I would need to consult with another Staff about a hacker but I didn't have 1 I would ban, then talk to one later about the ban. The Rules are simple to me but some others are used to more... Warlike servers that include camping and such. That's why I would give warnings.

No I am not a staff member on another server.

I play on Scavenger Craft sometimes when I neighbour comes over and some times other servers but Odie Games is the one I prefer to go to. I found this Server when Angelo (Shadowman) told me a friend of his ran a cool server, so I joined the server, loved the community and here I am.

I have been on the server for about a month and a half I believe.

I plan to Stay on the server as long as I can!

I have been playing Mine craft for just over 3 years now I think, I started when I was 10.

Well I go on for an hour a day on week days a little later in the day because I'm usually out with my girlfriend and friends.

I deserve the Moderator and/or Admin position because I know what is feels to be really low down, that's why I team up with the lower level players instead of the best is because that way they are more included and not constantly hiding. I would enforce the 5 server rules and if I can start Events, I can give people help like Kyle and Sarah have done for me on MANY time occasions lol! I got VIP about 2 days ago now, I got VIP because I need to save up money, I'm kind of out right now... I hope you read this and accept me into the team, I am on almost unlimited on the weekends like it is now.

Thank you,

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PostSubject: Re: Orgot2000 Moderater/Admin Application   Fri May 10, 2013 4:13 pm

YO I HAVE A KIK TOO high five . wats yours?
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Orgot2000 Moderater/Admin Application
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