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 I know this is posted, but it's more indepth, Hunger Games

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PostSubject: I know this is posted, but it's more indepth, Hunger Games   Mon Feb 03, 2014 4:42 pm


Today I will talk about a really popular and funny minigame in the minecraft community, Hunger Games.

Why is this a good idea to add? Well, this is a very very fun minigame that I play myself on the mcsg servers. I think we could get ALOT of new players into the servers of Odie if we'll add Hunger Games.
What needs to be filled in chests? Well chests is split in 2 sections. First section, tier 1. A tier 1 chest includes normally a sword or axe (from wood axe/sword to stone) and some leather armour and food and some iron maybe. Tier 2. Tier 2 is normally the sweet chests you want to be focusing the most on. They include, diamond, bow, stone sword only, iron, flint and steel, arrows, good food, golden apple. These chest shall not be filled with for example 2 pieces of diamond for example, but maybe has a low chance to get, so it's hard to get a diamond sword.
What is it about, is it Hardcore Games (Where you can break and place stuff) or Hunger Games/Survival Games? Well I think we should add Survival games where you start on platforms around 20 metres away from cornucopia which is filled with fresh chests (Tier 2 chests), and has 30 seconds before the games start. The games shall at least take 30 minutes max. If the games goes down to 3 or 5 (your choiche Odie) there will be a deathmatch where the last tributes fight off in middle. The tributes can't run away, and will be damage if they do so. YOU MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO BREAK ANY BLOCKS OR PLACE BLOCKS, MUST ONLY BE ABLE TO BREAK LEAVES, BOATS AND MUSHROOMS (VERY IMPORTANT)
Making the games competive and fun? For my point, Leaderboards and points! Really! It is a very important thing to have. If you have a leaderboard with all the players that have played. So for example, a guy is ranked 1 with 10 wins. That is how you reach far, wins. If you go into the profile, maybe add a command where you can see his stats, where you can see how many games he has played and won and points and all that! Points. Points is a good way to show off your skill. Points is normally used to flash off skill, but it is also competive. How do you get points? By killing and winning. For killing a player is based on how many points the player that you kill has. For example I find a guy who has 1000 points and kill him, how many points will I recieve? Let's say 5% out of 1000 is I think lol, 50 points. That means you earn 50 points for killing a guy with 1000 points, but it doesn't mean that your points will be untouched. You will also lose 50 points for dying! So 5% out of the points for killing a guy or dying. You get 75-100 points for Winning a match.
Maps? This is directly up to the higher ranked staff members then me. Fabwit and Lead could maybe build like 2 in the beggining, but you could also just download some.
Isn't this just like PvP? Yes of course, but not plain PvP. You've gotta play smart and make cool decisions. It isn't just about enchants, (NO ENCHANTS INGAME!!!), no it's about tactic and what role you're playing. Do you feel like a beast and just want to kill everyone you see? Do that! Feel like you wanna play safe, get some good chests get geared up, and start killing people in mid game? Do that! Just follow what you feel like. And it is also about routes, where you know where all chests are placed. (Chests must be placed all around the map, not too many near another chest, and tier 2 chests must be hidden a little) If you don't have a route it's game over, really lol. Plus give the map some traps.

*The game has a maximum amount of tributes in it at 24, and the games need 12 to be able to start*

Really think this needs to be looked at thought of, and not denied and locked in 1 day! It is a huge step for the server, and I've heard from other Odie members, max2911 Yoink, that they want to have Hunger Games.
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I know this is posted, but it's more indepth, Hunger Games
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