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 GuyMan74's Mod Application (3RD UPDATE)

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PostSubject: GuyMan74's Mod Application (3RD UPDATE)   Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:19 pm

Minecraft IGN: GuyMan74

Skype: ninjaguyman74

Age: 14

Timezone: London England timezone

Country: England, United Kingdom

Have you been part of the staff on other servers before?
Yes, I was head admin on a private server, and am currently co-owner on a non-private server
Explain your past experience(s) of being a staff member on other servers. If you were demoted, please explain why.
At one point, one of the staff's accounts was hacked, and all staff were demoted so that the culprit could be found, in the other instance, the private server closed down due to insufficient funding
Explain how mature you are. If someone was constantly harassing you in chat, how would you respond?
I am Calm, I do not use caps unless in context, I ask questions and am teamed with most players on the server

Do you understand the server's rules? Will you enforce the server's rules? If someone is breaking a rule, what would you do?
If a user is breaking a rule, I would screenshot their actions as evidence, and punish them accordingly, if that is of course chat related, but if they are hacking, I will screenshot the NCP and permenantly ban them for appeal. I will enforce the server rules and I know all the current rules/
Are you currently a staff member on another server?
I have been Owner, Head mod, sr-mod, head admin and admin on several private servers

Do you currently play on other server(s) besides this server?
The servers I play on are:
The Hive
Happy Hunger Games
GGNoPotato's server

How long have you been playing on the server for?
Since March 2013

How long do you plan to stay on the server for?
How long have you been playing minecraft for?
Since august 2012 (Pocket Edition)
March 2013 (PC Edition)
How many hours can you usually play on weekdays?
During Holiday leave, when ever for at most 5/6 hours
How many hours can you usually play on weekends?
I can play as much as I want on weekends
Why do you think you will make a good Moderator/Admin?Why should you deserve the moderator position?

I am honest, I am friends with most if not all the players on the server, and I respect the server's rules/guidelines, I make sure I am online as much as I can and I am good at settling squabbles/arguments. I try to be observent of the chat at all times, and I persist to be kind to all players and staff.
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GuyMan74's Mod Application (3RD UPDATE)
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