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PostSubject: Admin:ThePoPo10   Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:06 am


I got it:Mexkf202

I am twelve but very mature at times like this server.

Central Standard Time


This will be my first time if you guys do accept me.
I never had any experience before.

I would say "How would you like it to be in the position this man or women is in?" Then I would ban them because I don't like it and i take it personally, unless it was their first time.

I understand the rules fully with this server. I will enforce the rules, depends on the situation though.If it was their first time, I would warn them, if it was their second time, I would either mute them or ban them, depends on the situation.

I am not a staff member of any other server. I play on other servers sometimes but I mostly play this because this one has the most fun.

I would play maybe one or two but I love this one the most so I really don't play on other servers. I would just go to the Shotbow server if I can't get on this one.

I have been playing about two months now.

I plan to stay on this server for about thirty five years.

I have been playing minecraft for two years.

I play for ten hours of the weekends but all of it on this server.

I play for ten hours of the weekends but all of it on this server.

You said why do you think I deserve to become a good admin, it's because I am very mature at this server, I want to help in situations including cursing, spamming, and all sorts. I take harassment or any other things very serious to the heart about this server. I also would love to help keep it clean.
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PostSubject: Re: Admin:ThePoPo10   Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:55 am

Listen, man.

I don't want any North American staff.

We have way too much of them. We need to balance stuff out with the other time zones, so when North America is asleep, the other time zones can do their job.

I'd have to deny this application.
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