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 DJ_SHIM Mod Application for OdieGaming

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PostSubject: DJ_SHIM Mod Application for OdieGaming   Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:54 pm

Skype: danny.shim101
Age: 14
Timezone: European
Country: United Kingdom

i have never been staff on a server before however i was a trail-mod on a server and i think about to be promoted when the server swapped host and there was too much of a delay for me to play anymore(it was a factions server) so i had to quit.

i am fairly mature however i can be a bit rude when im annoyed like when i got banned off odie PvP for hacking when i was recording for youtube then i get unbanned and i wasn't getting my stuff back from the mod who banned me i was rude to him for that(it is all sorted now i got my stuff back). if someone was spamming or harassing someone in chat i would give a warning if it was ignored then i would temp mute.

i do understand the server rules and the enforcement of them would vary depending on what it is say i was certain of someone hacking they would get perma banned if i wasn't certain i would temp ban and see what they say in there ban appeal and chat issues i have already explained except racism they would get no warning and get temp muted straight away.

the main server i play on except odie is shotbow and sometimes MCSG

i have been playing Odie for at least 8 months(i was when in the EU time there was like 7 people on at a time and the old arena without factions) now and i plan to stay on this server for as long as i play minecraft as its very fun however i may take a week or s break every once in a while for test/exams in school.

on weekdays i should be able to play for at least an hour a day except Mondays and Wednesdays and the weekends will change between 1 hour and above depending on whats going on IRL ie homework, family stuff ect.

i think i deserve mod as i have shown dedication to the server as i have played a long time and donated to keep the server up. i think i would make a good mod because i can tell hacks reasonably well as i have had several people i used to play with that i found out hacked then then i reported them one dya when the broke my trust by lying multiple times because i wanted to start recording vids so i removed them for skype and got new people to play with and i have now started my channel also i think i can deal with arguments quit well and control the chat as people being racist and spamming and bad language annoys me a lot so i would control that without being to tough on people.
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DJ_SHIM Mod Application for OdieGaming
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