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 Moderator App. Stevepro

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PostSubject: Moderator App. Stevepro   Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:21 am

minecraft IGN: stevepro
Skype: stevepro6

Age: 13

Time zone: EST

Country: United states

Have you been part of the staff on other servers before?

Yes I am a Jr.Mod on a server that is not as popular as OdieGaming.
Explain your past experience(s) of being a staff member on other servers. If you were demoted, please explain why.
I was favored by some people because they thought that I was kind. Sadly I was demoted due to a grief to the spawn.
Explain how mature you are. If someone was constantly harassing you in chat, how would you respond?
I would count my self to be mature. If someone was harassing me I would first tell them to stop and if they continually did it I would simply ignore them and enjoy everything else.
Do you understand the server's rules? Will you enforce the server's rules? If someone is breaking a rule, what would you do?

Of course I understand the server rules. I enforce the rules even though I am not an admin or mod. If someone was breaking the rule I would warn then depending on the rule that they are breaking. And then I would follow that the signs say behind the spawn point in the PVP.
Are you currently a staff member on another server?

Yes I am a Jr.Mod on a server. But it is not really open a lot.

Do you currently play on other server(s) besides this server?

I have officially made it clear that OdieGaming.com is my number one server that I play on.

How many other servers do you currently play on besides this? What server(s) do you currently play on besides this?

I play really no server besides OdieGaming. Even if I get killed in anything important.
How long have you been playing on the server for?

I have been playing on this server for as long as I’ve been playing minecraft, so about a year to a year in a half.


How long do you plan to stay on the server for?
I plan on staying on this server till the day I die.

How long have you been playing minecraft for?

About 1 year to a year and a half

How many hours can you usually play on weekdays?

On weekdays I play about 4 hours.
How many hours can you usually play on weekends?
I can play on weekends for as long as I want, so all day and all night.
Why do you think you will make a good Moderator/Admin?Why should you deserve the moderator position?

I know that I would make a great Mod because I believe that I have quite a few friends on this server that will support me with what I do and the actions. I do not want to become admin even if it was given to me. I love this server a Moderator is enough. I think that I deserve Moderator because I love to help anyone that needs help and I just love to enforce rules.
Thank you for your time I hope you can read this. Thank you.

Thanks again.
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PostSubject: Re: Moderator App. Stevepro   Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:10 am


Fuck off
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Moderator App. Stevepro
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