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 Eater_of_Eggs Moderator Application

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PostSubject: Eater_of_Eggs Moderator Application   Sat Nov 23, 2013 8:38 pm

Minecraft IGN: Eater_of_Eggs Sometimes dragonballzzz69


Age:15, 16 in january

Timezone: Est

Country: USA until i move back to australia and end of school year.

Have you ever been part of staff on any other servers before?
Yes, i have but not very popular ones like 30 people max.

Explain your past experience[s] of being staff member
It was very fun, i was a Head_Admin and it was my friends server but sadly he didn't know how to handle a server and i asked if i could take over but he said no [only stayed up for 5 weeks]

Explain how mature you are. If someone was constantly harassing you, how would you react?
I would most likely respond with "stop" But i have to admit i have used profanity on the server, i have said certain words nothing to harsh. but if someone was insulting/harassing me i would probably try to think of a com back or tell mod/admin.

do you understand the server's rules? Will you enforce the server's rules? If someone was breaking a rule, what would you do?
tell a Admin or take a screen shot and send it to the admin or post it on the forums. if they were hacking and i realized it, i would record it.

Are you currently a staff member on another server?
No, but it would be a honor if i was on OdieGaming.

Do you currently play on other server(s) besides this server?
Yes, hypixel and Mc-Legends, UberMinecraft

How many other servers do you currently play on besides this? what server(s) do you currently play on besides this?
I play on manly Mc-Legends and OdieGaming.

How long have you been playing on the server for?
I've been playing for about 4 months.

How long do you plan to stay on the server for?
As long as i can, i love this server so much, its so much fun pvping and doing events sometimes with my friends.

How long have you been playing minecraft for?
I've been playing since 1.2.5

How many hours can you usually play on weekdays?
I play about 4-5 hours a day, i could play more but sports and homework.

How many hours can you usually play on weekends?
I play about 6-7 hours (But take Breaks) over the day

why do you think you will make a good Moderator/Admin? Why should you deserve the Moderator position? I think i deserve mod because: i love the server first of all, the community is great, the staff is very nice and can help you out a lot , it would be a huge honor to be working with the staff team. i want to help so you guys will have less stress on your back in anyway i can

Thanks for considering

sincerely, Eater

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PostSubject: Re: Eater_of_Eggs Moderator Application   Sat Nov 23, 2013 9:03 pm

We do not need any North American staff.

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Eater_of_Eggs Moderator Application
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