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 Miniwheat33's Application [Moderator]

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PostSubject: Miniwheat33's Application [Moderator]   Fri Nov 15, 2013 4:28 pm

Miniwheat33's Moderator Application

Minecraft In-Game Username:

Skype - wkaufman1203

Age - 14

Time Zone - Central

Country - United States

Staff On Other Servers:
I have been a staff member on a few other servers, though there is one server in particular that I spend most of my time on (aside from OdieGaming). The server I mainly play on is Obsidian Cities, where I am currently a Moderator.

Explain Your Past Experience:
As a Moderator, I have made the server a safe, friendly environment for anyone of any age to play on. I have solved several conflicts such as griefing, disturbing chat, and any other server-related issues.

Maturity Level:
I think I am extremely mature, compared to other people. I am a friendly, kind player who loves helping other players. I don't do anything disturbing or annoying to anyone else, and I am here primarily to make everyone feel safe and comfortable on the server.

Server Rules:
I thoroughly understand the server rules, and refrain from breaking them. If I witness a player swearing, for example, I will ask them nicely to stop, and tell them to be respectful to everyone else. If it keeps up, I will temporarily mute the player, and message them, making them aware of the consequences if the activity persists. If they do not stop swearing, I will temporarily ban them for not abiding by the rules.

Playtime On Other Servers:
I mostly tend to play on OdieGaming and Obsidian Cities, and frequently Hypixel's server or a couple Survival Games servers.

Other Servers:
I would estimate I play on about three servers total, but OdieGaming and Obsidian Cities are my essential ones.

Time Spent On OdieGaming
I believe I have been playing on OdieGaming for maybe 4-6 months. It's an amazing server, and I hope many more players join.

How Long I Plan On Staying:
Honestly, I will stay on OdieGaming for as long as possible. I am here to help, and I don't want to betray others by leaving the server. It's my job to be here and assist other players, while keeping the server running smoothly.

Minecraft Experience:
I have probably been playing Minecraft for about one year (or a little more). Minecraft is a fun, creative game, and I have so much fun playing on servers and meeting new players.

Playtime On Weekdays:
I would estimate about 1 hour per weekday.

Playtime On Weekends:
On an average weekend, I probably tend to play for about 2-3 hours.

Why Would I Deserve The Moderator Position?
I believe I am unlike any other Moderator on OdieGaming. I am respectful, friendly, and kind to everyone. I am here to do my job, and solve issues on the server. If something happens to go wrong, I will quickly resolve it, and get the server conflict-free. I am a mature player, and take this position seriously. Since I have previous experience (and also own a server), I know what to do in different situations.
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PostSubject: Re: Miniwheat33's Application [Moderator]   Sat Nov 16, 2013 11:22 pm


Welcome to the team.
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Miniwheat33's Application [Moderator]
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