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 Avrian for Staff

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PostSubject: Avrian for Staff   Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:01 am

Minecraft IGN: avrian

Skype: tadas030

Age: 15

Timezone: GMT+2

Country: Lithuania

Have you been part of the staff on other servers before?

I have been admin on a pvp server, and I owned my own pvp server for quiet a bit.

Explain your past experience(s) of being a staff member on other servers. If you were demoted, please explain why.

While being a mod, i mainly tryed to prevent people from hacking, KillAura's; Forcefields, etc.

Explain how mature you are. If someone was constantly harassing you in chat, how would you respond?

I would never threaten for a ban, at first, i would explain the rule, that is against direct cussing, and swearing, and if he wouldnt stop, i would give him a temp mute, for 10 mins. If after that time he would still do the same, I would probably just give a temp ban for an hour, and let higher staff member decide what to do with him.

Do you understand the server's rules? Will you enforce the server's rules? If someone is breaking a rule, what would you do?

Server rules are the priority, and I always follow them. If a person would brake a rule, i would mainly depend by the rule he broke, if its exploiting glitches, i would firstly warn him, and tell the Owner, or admin about the glitch, if he continues to exploit the glitch, i would perm ban him.

Are you currently a staff member on another server?

Only the owner, on my own server.

Do you currently play on other server(s) besides this server?

Just a few.

How many other servers do you currently play on besides this? What server(s) do you currently play on besides this?

3 to 4. I play on The Hive, Shotbow, rsmv.net and rarely Sindicate Server.

How long have you been playing on the server for?

A couple of moths.

How long do you plan to stay on the server for?

I wont lie, I do play a lot, but The main reason i wouldnt play is because of hackers, thats the main reason i quit servers.

How long have you been playing minecraft for?

Since Beta 1.7.4

How many hours can you usually play on weekdays?

From 10 to 15 h. In two days.

Why do you think you will make a good Moderator/Admin?Why should you deserve the moderator position?

I would like to help the server inprove. Being staff would mean that i would be responcible, for whats happening on the server, and helping out players in need.

Thank you for your time,
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Avrian for Staff
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